knights of the abyss

The Knights are an international team whose partners have roots in the dark and frozen technopolis of Scandinavia. We are passionate about product development, predictably in a deeply Nordic minimalist fashion. Our attitude is to deliver as close to perfection as possible while keeping deadlines, and to always stay true to our heritage and design ideals. Our goal is to stand out of the crowd by being the torch-bearers in the darkness of the abyss.

Creativity | Knowledge | GUI | Minimalism | Functionality | Purpose

ville avatar

Ville Natthimmel

ceo, chief architect

Starting his career as a code slave, he did his duty as a minstrel for foreign kings, and is now the Head Knight of the Abyss. Having served as the technical lead in companies such as Spotify and Beats by Dr Dre, he now focuses on bringing the light of tech knowledge to other adventurers around the world.

caroline avatar

Caroline Natthimmel

creative director

Designer, illustrator, product professional - Caroline handles pixels, graphite, and user flows with equal care. With a background in the dark dungeons of blacksmithing and fine art, she now advises on graphical identities and storytelling through design.